This is my Russian Starbucks Cards collection. Some of them are available for sell (not for trade, sorry, I have all possible Russian cards and I don’t want cards from other countries). If you are interested please ask in comments.


  1. Ivana

    I was wondering if you have Moscow, Russia and Spasibo cards for sale and how much would you ask for them?
    Thank you!

    • Dmitry Blokhin

      Hi Ivana,

      thank you for you message. Actually I don’t trade cards, but if you have some Starbucks Icon Mugs for trade, I would be interested 🙂

  2. Andy Millard

    Hi Dmitry

    I am interested in the Matryoshka Doll, Moscow, Thank You and 40th Anniversary would you be willing to sell? If so how much?

    • Dmitry Blokhin

      Hi Andy,

      actually I’m not an active trader for now. I will check for extras for you and revert to you shortly.


  3. Patricia

    HI , I am looking to purchase a Puccusa Starbucks card sorry if I have misspelt the word, Thank you

  4. Debbie

    I am looking for one of the Russian nesting doll cards, either St. Petersburg or the Matryoshka doll. Do you have any left to purchase?

  5. Tomi

    I was wondering you still have Starbucks Matryoshka Doll Card and Moscow Card? How much for those card? Or are you interested i any Japan stuffs? Thank you for your kindly message in advance!

    • Dmitry Blokhin


      actually I do not trade cards. If you are really need some of them, would you be so kind to clarify the exact images of the cards you need?


  6. Cierra sos

    I was wondering if you would be willing to see your Россия starbucks card. With the matryoshka.

  7. juyeon

    hi, I’d like to to buy your matryoshka doll card and please reply me if you have extra for selling.

  8. Caitlyn

    hi, I am from Hong Kong. I’d like to to buy thematryoshka doll card. Please contact me if you have extra for selling.

  9. Катя

    Добрый день! Осталась ли в наличии карта с красной матрешкой? Очень ищу ее 🙂

    • Dmitry Blokhin

      Привет! Посмотреть надо дома, давно я что-то карточки не пересматривал…

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