CFA I Candidate – now official

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I’ve finally registered to CFA I exam in London, December 1. I think the most strong motivation for hard learning is the sum paid for this exam. 🙂
But there are also a good thing as I’ve read in a article a long time ago. If you have to do something hard and boring just imagine a present for yourself in case of successful finish. So I’ve imagined a week in London! 🙂

5 thoughts on “CFA I Candidate – now official

    • Hey, it’s really boring 🙂
      How it was told by Barney Stinson – “Challenge accepted!” 🙂

    • CFA is a good option for ER type roles, so is FRM if you are criondesing risk management in investment banks. if you are looking at just getting some knowledge of how things are practiced, you can try fixed income course or VC analyst course by If you go with CFA, you can either rely on the institute books or self study notes by schweser or analystnotes or the online instructor led lectures by or classroom lectures by one of the prep providers in your local areas. given your business management education, I think the comprehensive crash course by is sufficient for Level I for you. for FRM, you must follow the handbook like a priest follows bibleIf you are looking to get into front office of BB investment banks, CFA or FRM will not help you (unless ER in which case nothing other than CFA can help). Either take up a few short duration practical knowledge focused courses by and keep networking and trying in the local IB’s or go for a top 10 MBA and try your luck there best of luck

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