This is my Russian Starbucks Cards collection. Some of them are available for sell (not for trade, sorry, I have all possible Russian cards and I don’t want cards from other countries). If you are interested please ask in comments.

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  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you have Moscow, Russia and Spasibo cards for sale and how much would you ask for them?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ivana,

      thank you for you message. Actually I don’t trade cards, but if you have some Starbucks Icon Mugs for trade, I would be interested 🙂

  • Hi Dmitry

    I am interested in the Matryoshka Doll, Moscow, Thank You and 40th Anniversary would you be willing to sell? If so how much?

    • Hi Andy,

      actually I’m not an active trader for now. I will check for extras for you and revert to you shortly.


  • HI , I am looking to purchase a Puccusa Starbucks card sorry if I have misspelt the word, Thank you

  • I am looking for one of the Russian nesting doll cards, either St. Petersburg or the Matryoshka doll. Do you have any left to purchase?

  • I was wondering you still have Starbucks Matryoshka Doll Card and Moscow Card? How much for those card? Or are you interested i any Japan stuffs? Thank you for your kindly message in advance!

    • Hi,

      actually I do not trade cards. If you are really need some of them, would you be so kind to clarify the exact images of the cards you need?


  • I was wondering if you would be willing to see your Россия starbucks card. With the matryoshka.

  • hi, I’d like to to buy your matryoshka doll card and please reply me if you have extra for selling.

  • hi, I am from Hong Kong. I’d like to to buy thematryoshka doll card. Please contact me if you have extra for selling.

  • Добрый день! Осталась ли в наличии карта с красной матрешкой? Очень ищу ее 🙂

    • Привет! Посмотреть надо дома, давно я что-то карточки не пересматривал…

    • Hi Brian, I need some time to find it. My post with these cards were very very old 🙂
      By the way, where the card should be sent? I’ll check the availability, with all current measures it is not very easy…

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