Mugs for trade

I have the following mugs IN A SINGLE COPY for sale (preferred) or for trade:

Collectors Series City Mugs

Produced in England, 2002

  • Athens (Discobolus of Myron) (without paper box)SOLD
  • Athens (The Parthenon) (without paper box)SOLD
  • Austria
  • Cyprus (Olives) – reserved for Harrison Lee
  • Istanbul
  • KuwaitSOLD
  • LebanonSOLD
  • Mykonos (without paper box)SOLD
  • OmanSOLD
  • Paris (Arc de Triomphe)SOLD
  • QatarSOLD
  • Saudi ArabiaSOLD
  • United Arab Emirates (without paper box)SOLD
  • Vienna (without paper box)SOLD

Produced in Germany, 2002

  • Barcelona (paper box slightly damaged)
  • Berlin (without paper box)SOLD
  • Bucharest
  • Cyprus (Kourion Theatre) – reserved for Harrison Lee
  • Germany
  • Frankfurt (without paper box)
  • Moscow – reserved for Harrison Lee
  • Stuttgart

Produced in Indonesia, 2003

  • Bali (without paper box)

20oz mugs, city and year provided

  • England (2002 UK) (without paper box)
  • Hong Kong (2007 Thailand) (paper box damaged)
  • London (2002 UK) (without paper box)
  • Qatar (2009 China)SOLD
  • Queensland (2004 Thailand)SOLD
  • Scotland (2002 UK)

2002 Skyline series

  • Niagara Falls

Japan country series

  • Tokyo

2004 City Scenes series

  • New YorkSOLD

2006 Architecture series

  • San FranciscoSOLD

2008 Global Icon series

  • ChinaSOLD
  • BarcelonaSOLD

Also I can trade following mugs from local or friendly shops. Most of them costs just €12 each plus shipping price depended on mug’s quantity in your order.

  • Russian Federation (it’s difficult but possible)
    • Moscow – €15
  • Cyprus
    • Cyprus
  • Greece
    • Athens
    • Crete
    • Greece
    • Mykonos
    • Thessaloniki
    • Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Mugs for trade

  • Dmitry, do you still have ireland? I could send Chicago or Indianapolis, along with twin cities, for china and Ireland.

    • Hello Jon! Unfortunately China and Ireland has gone, and no Global Icon mugs from the picture are available. There are only mugs from local shops – Cyprus and Greek mugs (except Corfu and Rhodos) – that I can send to you.
      Jon, possibly I could check if I can send your mug via another trader in USA along with large shipment and reduce shipping cost. Shipment for only one mug would cost me approx. 28 USD… I think it’s not normal, but I live in an island and shipping prices are high 🙁

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